About Us

We're Cosy Vintage. We live and breathe vintage fashion. We love it so much, we turned our hobby into a hand-picked vintage shop!

Cosy curates vintage clothes, including vintage shirts, tees, jumpers, fleeces, hoodies, jackets - the lot!

You'll find unique items from retro brands and classic pieces from Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, French Connection, Calvin Klein, adidas, Nike and more. 

Sustainable Fashion

We believe in making the most out of pre-loved clothes as opposed to buying fast fashion. This recent throwaway fashion culture of buying an outfit online, wearing it once and never touching it again has to stop.

Large retailers create high quantities of, let's be honest, terrible quality clothes. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on something you like only enough to wear once (usually these pieces only last a few wears too), jump on the vintage hype! Not only do you get a sick, one-off piece, but you're helping the environment.

Vintage clothes look sick AND they're sustainable!

Got any questions? Feel free to send us an email: hello@cosyvintage.co.uk. And don't forget to follow us on Instagram!